Giannone Performance Products and MGP Connecting Rods are excited and passionate about continuing our journey of excellence that began three decades ago by producing the highest quality aluminum connecting rods available in the industry. MGP is synonymous with the most innovative design technologies and the utilization of the best materials available. Because we have achieved proven innovations that other manufacturers have been forced to adopt, there is no question that MGP continually sets the standard for the industry at a higher level.

Examples of these innovations include but are not limited to our development and production of the ILS (Integrated Locking Serration) system, our micro finnished housing bore processing, the integrated washer assembly that is retained by the rod cap and our small end Hard Bore Technology.

MGP does not offer feature upgrades because all of our connecting rods are produced at the highest possible standard without charging our customers a higher price for the best product.

Now with even more advances in material and manufacturing tecnologies, we will be introducing our latest generation of aluminum connecting rods to the market very soon. Although we will not discuss in detail the newest design characteristics we are implementing, we have been researching, designing and developing for several years. Field testing for an extended period of time has produced absolute postive results.

We operate a state-of-the-art facility in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. MGP holds in highest regard our professional staff whose dedication to produce only the highest quality products is unmatched in the industry. If you have any questions please contact the MGP Sales Team and we will personally take care of your needs.

When you compare MGP to the competition, there is no competition! There is only one connecting rod that matters and that is MGP!